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Bling2 Live Apk Mod is a modified Bling2 Live application. In this modified version, all the paid features are made free. So when using this application, you are free to use its features without having to pay for unlocking or other paid activities.

Live streaming applications are very popular. Because with an application like this, users can eliminate boredom by watching their favorite streamer. Viewers can also interact with the video host. So watching live streaming videos will be more exciting if you can interact with the host.

Watching live streaming can also increase your friendship in cyberspace. If you can interact via streaming, you can ask for their social media account. And friendship can be continued on social media which is easier to use.

Bling2 Live Apk Features

This Bling2 Live Mod Apk has many interesting features that you can enjoy. Although the modified version, but does not eliminate the original features of the original Bling2 Live. Only a few features have changed. The rest of the features are the same and nothing has changed.

Here are some interesting features in the Bling2 Live Apk mod that you must try:

Simple Menu Display

Bling2 Live Apk mod is designed with a simple look, but still looks modern. Its appearance can make the eyes of anyone who uses it stunned. Because the menus there can be easily used and easy to understand even though it’s the first time using it.

The ease of displaying Bling2 Live makes users feel at home using the application. It’s not complicated and doesn’t make users feel burdened with lots of useless menus.

There are Mini Games Available

It also includes mini games that can be played. Even though the game is in the app, that doesn’t mean it’s a normal game. The games available are fun games that you can play when you’re tired of watching live streaming. You can play this mini game at will without having to pay.

Cool Filter Options Available

This Bling2 Live application can actually make money if you can host a live streaming. By becoming a host you can collect money from the audience. And if you’re live streaming, there are lots of cool filter options so your face can look more attractive when you’re live streaming.

So, even if you don’t use makeup while live streaming, don’t worry. Because there is a filter that can cover your shortcomings. That way, live streaming can be smooth and money can be collected quickly.

Live Streaming Features

This feature is the main feature in Bling2 Live, you can use this live streaming feature to watch other people’s live streaming freely. There are many exciting hosts that you can watch and interact with so you can become new friends.

The hosts are also not only from within the country, but also from abroad. So, by interacting with hosts from abroad, you can learn the language they use. Your network can also be wider if you have more distant friendships.

All Rooms Unlock

If you use Bling2 Live from the Play Store, you need to spend money to unlock one of the rooms you want to join. But by using the mod version, all the rooms you want to watch can be directly opened and watched for free.

Do not waste this convenience, immediately download and install the application. So that your fatigue and boredom can immediately disappear by watching live streaming.

No Ads

Another advantage of this Bling2 Live Mod apk is that there are no annoying ads while watching live streaming or playing games. That way you can continue to focus on watching live streaming without having to get rid of ads.

Best Video Quality

The video quality provided is also very clear, watching live streaming can be more comfortable with clear video quality. That way, the host you like can be seen clearly as long as the internet connection you use is good.

Simple Interface

The appearance of the application is simple and easy to understand. That way the features can be found easily. And using an application like this should not be confused, even if you are a new user who is the first time using the Live Streaming application.

Unpaid Apps

Even though the paid features in it are free, that doesn’t mean the app is paid. You can get this Bling2 Live Mod Apk for free without having to pay a penny. Only with an internet connection, you can use the application however you want.

How to Install

This Bling2 Live Apk mod must be installed manually. The reason is, this application is not available on the Play Store. Because if you download it on the Play Store, Bling2 Live is not a modified version of the application, but the original application where the features are paid.

Many already know how to install applications manually. Because it is very common to use applications obtained from outside the Play Store.