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FM WhatsApp is an application developed by a third party. This application was developed because many WhatsApp users need more advanced features on WhatsApp, because we know that WhatsApp does not provide many interesting features. You can use this application freely and can be obtained for free.

There are many modified WhatsApp users. This is also what makes a lot of WhatsApp modifications developed by developers. FMWhatsApp itself was developed by Fouad Mods who is very well known and an expert in modifying WhatsApp.

That’s why the features developed in FMWhatsApp are also very diverse and cooler than the original version. Modified WhatsApp users, no longer hesitate to use FMWhatsApp instead of the monotonous original WhatsApp. In addition, this application is equipped with an anti-ban feature, so users do not have to be afraid of getting banned when using this FMWhatsApp application.

FMWhatsApp is designed with advanced and complete features. The feature that is in great demand by WhatsApp mod users is the feature to be able to read messages that have been deleted. This feature is indeed a pride for every WhatsApp mod user.

Features of FM WhatsApp

FMWhatsApp has a lot of interesting features that you can find yourself when you use the application. Lots of added features that pamper WhatsApp users. This feature, of course, does not exist in the original WhatsApp, and you can only try it on a modified version of WhatsApp such as FMWhatsApp. Here are some features that you will get if you use FM WA.

Lots of Interesting Theme Options

There are hundreds of interesting theme options that can be used to change the appearance of WA so it is not boring. The choice of this theme can also be used freely without having to pay. You can change the theme every day so you don’t get bored with the same theme. Your WA display is so unusual, and definitely cooler.

The choice of themes that you can get is also very diverse. Just choose a theme that you think is good then install it on your WA as you like. There is a choice of cartoon themes, scenery, anime, and so on.

We know that original WA has a very limited choice of themes. They only provide 2 choices of themes that users can use. Namely light and dark themes, the appearance is also very unsatisfactory. Because it’s just like that nothing has changed. However, with FM WA we can replace the dark light theme with interesting pictures.

Changing the Font Type

The type of WA writing can also be changed on FM WA, so every time you open the WA application you will use a different type of writing from the type of writing in other applications. This will make your phone look so unusual. Other people will definitely be very jealous of the WA display that you use.

The choice of types of writing is also very large and very good. You can choose the type of writing that certainly suits your character. Make sure the type of writing is easy to read, so you don’t get confused later when reading messages from other people.

Cool Emoticons Available

Cool emoticons are also available in large quantities and ready to use. You don’t need to download here and there to get cool emoticons for sending messages. With just one FM WA application, you can use lots of nice and unusual emoticons.

Custom Notifications available

This custom notification is a feature to set notifications to other people. This feature can eliminate the typing feature, when sending messages with other people. There’s also a feature to remove the blue tick, so when someone else sends you a message, they won’t know that their message has actually been read.

In addition, we can also eliminate online status. So people will not know whether we are online or not. So, they won’t wait for a reply to our message if they don’t know we’re online.

Sending Messages Without Saving Number

Another feature that is very useful is that you can send messages without having to save a number. This feature is very useful especially when we have to send messages to other people that we will only contact once. We don’t have to save their number, so the contact number can be kept clean from people we don’t know.

In the original WhatsApp itself, we must always save the number of the person to whom the message will be sent. This is too inconvenient, especially if the person is someone we don’t know well. So that saving the number will not be used anymore.

Lock Apps

The privacy provided by FM WhatsApp is also quite strict. We can lock the application so that no one will open WA without permission. To lock the application, you can use a code, fingerprint, or pattern. That way our WA can stay safe and no one will be able to read secret messages that other people shouldn’t know.

It’s different if we use the original WA, to lock the application we have to use a third party application. So it is very inconvenient, and will take up too much memory because you have to install other applications on the cellphone.

Reading Deleted Messages

This feature is indeed the most important and must be in the WA mod. FM WA mod also provides a feature to be able to read messages that have been deleted by the sender. FM WA users will never be curious about WA that has been deleted. Because even though the message has been deleted, we can still read it freely.

Anti Banned

The most important thing is this anti-ban feature. Because FM WA mod apk is a modified application, so it needs protection for users so that the application is not banned by the original developer. For that FM WA mod apk installs an anti-ban feature to make it safer when used.

How to Install

FMWhatsApp apk mod is a WhatsApp application modified by a third-party developer. We certainly can’t get applications like this on the Play Store. Because you could say the application is illegal. So, the FMWhatsApp application must be installed manually.

  1. First, make sure the FMWhatsApp has been downloaded correctly from the link we shared above.
  2. If so, do the phone settings first.
  3. You do this by going to the Settings menu on the cellphone you are using.
  4. Then select Privacy & Policy.
  5. There will be an option to Enable Unknown Sources.
  6. If so, FMWhatsApp is ready to be installed.
  7. Then select the File Manager menu.
  8. Look for the Downloads menu.
  9. There will be the results of the FMWhatsApp download that was downloaded earlier.
  10. Tap the app to start the install.
  11. Wait until the application installation process is complete.
  12. Then FMWhatsApp is ready to use.

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How to install FM WhatsApp APK?

1. Tap the downloaded FM WhatsApp APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.