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Gratisoe TV Apk is a television streaming application that has many advantages in it. Users enjoy a wide selection of channels from abroad and domestically, even for the program itself, which is very complete.

If you compare it to watching directly on TV at home, it will definitely not be as complete as this application. However, the user must be ready to provide a quota or wifi network, before using the TV watching application.

Looks like you’ve often seen ads that show some special channels to subscribe. Because today, many people watch television at home but have to pay first.

If the user subscribes, usually the entire channel will be complete with various channels. Even for the quality itself, it is very good, but unfortunately you have to spend money first to be able to enjoy it.

Almost the same as other television streaming applications, you know right? There are also many pay TV applications available in the Play Store. But everyone in fact wants to use free applications without having to spend a lot of money.

For that we recommend using the Gratisoe TV Apk to watch television shows of various channels for free. Therefore you have to see some of the features that you will get later, when the application is installed.

Features of Gratisoe TV Apk

  1. International TV Shows

When you want to find a very interesting show, of course you have to try foreign tv shows. Because in outside television channels, there are various interesting programs that can be watched for free without paying.

But unfortunately you will be presented with a foreign language, therefore you must activate Indonesian subtitles. So that you can know what they are saying, so you can enjoy the storyline.

Indeed, foreign television shows are superior to other programs. You can watch while lying down without any advertisements, because advertisements very rarely appear on foreign television programs.

  1. Local TV Shows

Although many local TV shows can be seen directly on television at home, there are still many premium programs that are not yet known. Of course you have to pay a subscription, if you want to enjoy the premium event.

However, everything will be different if you use the Gratisoe TV Apk, because users can enjoy all local tv shows for free. But to stream, the network must be stable, otherwise it will experience lag.

Maybe we think that’s one of the drawbacks that the TV streaming application gets. All applications that have to stream, it is very mandatory to check the internet connection, if it is not stable, then you have to be patient.

  1. Indonesian Subtitles

Indeed, sometimes there are interesting films showing on television, but if the film is from abroad, of course it will have English. However, you don’t need to worry, because the Indonesian subtitle feature is already available.

So everything will feel even more comfortable when watching the film, for the types of films themselves are very many. Users can choose their own according to the broadcast schedule, so it can be entertainment during your holiday.

  1. Channels for Children

If you are a mother or father then you have to give cartoon shows to make children calm. Moreover, today’s children are used to watching interesting videos available on YouTube.

Well, more or less the show is the same, but you watch it through gratisoe tv apk. But for special events for children, you can choose, so that it can be an entertainment for children, so they can be quiet quickly.

In fact, there are lots of educational events on how to count in English and other important ways. Basically, with this channel, there are many benefits to be given to children.

  1. Special Channel for Watching Movies

The next feature is a channel with various interesting movies in it, users can choose their favorite movie. There’s even a drakor movie if you really like it, for that you have to use the free tv apk first.

Now this application is perfect for those of you who really like movies, because there are so many genres of action, comedy, and so on. You just have to wait for the broadcast schedule that has been determined by the channel.

Of course you can enjoy everything for free, there are indeed a lot of paid movie watching applications. But only by using this application, you can watch movies and television shows in full.

  1. Download Movies Or Shows

Sometimes watching streaming will require a lot of quota, especially if the network suddenly goes bad. Surely users have to be patient waiting for it, for that you can use the download feature for movies or shows.

However, for movies or shows that you can download, only yesterday’s shows or previously aired. If it’s a live event, you can’t download it, other than downloading it has more advantages than watching streaming.

You don’t need to check your internet connection, because you can watch movies directly without using wifi or cellular data. But you have to download it first, for the file size has been determined.

  1. No need to login or register

Indeed, using an application to watch movies or streaming, you must first log in or register. The hall can be said to be very complicated, especially for people who want it to be more simple and practical.

Everything is different from the gratisoe tv apk application, users can use it directly, without having to login or register. So you can immediately watch movies as desired.

Of course this feature is very useful for people who want everything simple, for those who are interested can directly download the application. Surely you will feel entertained by various amazingly interesting shows.

  1. Sports Channels

There are so many people who really like football or other types of sports games. Of course all there is a match that will be broadcast live on television, especially football with various leagues.

You can also watch live streaming or reruns, maybe if live is only available on schedule. But for reruns, you can watch live without having to wait anymore.

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1. Tap the downloaded Gratisoe TV Apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.