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Hacker Dark VIP is an application that has been created by a third party to create advanced features in it. Because the application that was developed by v gaming, there have been a lot of people looking for it.

It is very natural that mod type applications are sought after by many people, in addition to having advantages. You will also find it easier to win or lose, that’s why this application is hated by some players.

Because with the application, users will more easily defeat the enemy without a fight. Moreover, it has embedded advanced features such as auto headshot, auto aim and so on.

Surely that hall can attract people’s attention to immediately use this citer ff application. Because this application hall can be used for various online games such as Mobile Legends, PUBG, Call of Duty and others.

If it is true that this application can be used for online games other than free fire, of course it will be even more interesting. However, the security system will not be guaranteed, because this application is illegal which can harm the device.

But if you ignore it, and still want to use Hacker Dark VIP Mod Apk then you can see the features first. If you have seen the features that we have presented below, then you can then download the application.

Features of Hacker Dark VIP

  1. Medit Correndo

Now for the feature that you will get, namely Medit Correndo, this feature serves to add health or life. So when you are fighting with enemies, you can activate this feature.

When the user activates this feature, the life will automatically increase by itself. Without having to use a medkit or eat mushrooms to recover it.

  1. Aim Force Head

The aim force head feature is a feature that is almost similar to auto headshot, but the function itself is the same. But just a different name, maybe you really like the aim force head later.

If the ff player has difficulty shooting bullets right at the enemy’s head, then they can activate the aim force head feature that has been embedded by this Dark VIP Hacker Mod Apk.

  1. Ghos Hack

The battle royale game has a very wide map area, so it will not be possible for players to visit these maps one by one. So this ghost hack feature is really great, it can kill opponents without knowing it.

Even if you are in remote reach, you can still be killed by players using this dark vip hacker. Because for the speed of running increased 50 percent from before.

  1. Aimbot

Sometimes aiming the bullet to hit the target in the long range will be more difficult. Because usually, the user always misses, so the bullet will be used up quickly without hitting the target.

But now the aimbot feature is here, where users no longer need to aim at opponents. Because this feature definitely goes straight to the target without missing a beat, so you can get a lot of kills.

  1. Speed ​​Hack

Maybe you’ve seen the super hero the flash movie, where the person runs very fast. It turns out that the speed hack feature can also add running speed like the flash movie.

With this feature you no longer need to look for a vehicle, because of the speed. Faster using a speed hack, so now you can move places while looking for enemies quickly.

  1. Telekill CS

Now then there is the telekill cs feature, where users will find it easier to defeat the enemy. Because it has been given a feature by this very sophisticated dark vip hacker, just activating this feature, you can get booyah.

When you experience panic, because you are being invaded by a squad, just activate the telekill cs feature. So that the enemies who are near you will immediately die, return to the lobby.

  1. Telekill Car

Maybe in the past, you will have difficulty when defeating enemies in the car. But now the dark vip hacker application has embedded a telekill car that functions to defeat enemies in the vehicle.

If you play it safe, you probably won’t find a feature like this, because it’s like a telekill car. It can only be found through modified applications such as this dark hack.

  1. Tiro AIM

It’s no longer surprising, if users of mod applications will find it much easier to achieve victory. Because there is a tiro aim that is able to optimize aim when attacking the enemy.

So for users of hacked dark applications, they will always get a win or a booyah. Moreover, if the user activates all the available features, surely all the enemies will be nervous.

  1. Aim Agachado

If you are one of the most unlikely players, you can activate the aim agachado feature, because we make sure. When carrying out an attack or war, you can more easily defeat them just by pressing this feature.

Of course the game will feel like fighting bots, but as a suggestion from us, just activate the feature partially. Because if you activate all of them, then the match is no longer exciting.

  1. Aim Local

Almost 90% of those who play free fire must experience a continuous defeat or gamers usually say Losstreak. Of course the hall was really really annoying, it felt like I just wanted to slam my cellphone.

But you don’t need to slam your cellphone, it’s better to try the dark vip hacker application, because this application really guarantees to be able to reach booyah. If you are curious, just download it on the link that we will share later.

Maybe that’s all the dark vip hacker features that we know, for other features you can just try the application directly. Because we believe there are many other features that are more sophisticated than the discussion above.

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How to install Hacker Dark VIP APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Hacker Dark VIP APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.