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MB WhatsApp is a WhatsApp application that has been modified by adding many new features in it. This application has many advantages in terms of appearance, this application is not much different from ordinary WhatsApp in terms of appearance. So that new users will not feel unfamiliar with how it looks. There is another feature added to the menu, namely a feature for searching from the main page. What is certain is that this feature is very useful and cannot be found in the regular WhatsApp application.

The main display of MB WhatsApp does have a different menu. Like the camera view that is in front, then there are settings and to make status. In it many cool features that are not in the original version from the Play Store.

Features of MB WhatsApp

3000 Free Themes Available

The original WhatsApp doesn’t have a large selection of themes. The latest, we can only use the dark theme to replace the default theme. This limited choice of themes makes WhatsApp users feel bored. Because chat applications that are often used cannot be changed.

But MB WhatsApp has 3000+ theme options that can be used for free. This theme option can be used immediately without having to buy or subscribe to its use. Available theme options such as cartoon theme, landscape theme, flower theme, and others.

Viewing Deleted Messages

The feature most sought after by original WhatsApp users is the feature to view deleted messages. If you use MB WhatsApp, you don’t have to worry if the friend who sent the message immediately deletes it. With this application, deleted messages can still be read easily. So, we will no longer be curious about messages deleted by the sender.

In the original WhatsApp, this feature is indeed a very beneficial privacy feature for message senders. So, the sender of the message can delete the message sent without being noticed by the recipient of the message. There are also several types of message deletion, such as deleting messages for yourself and deleting messages for yourself and others.

Hiding Online Status

When we are using WhatsApp, we have quota and our data is online. Then automatically there will be a notification to other users that we are online, if the user opens our message. The online status tells us that we are ready to be sent a message.

This online status will continue to be active and cannot be removed. Therefore, MB WhatsApp provides a feature to be able to hide online status. Because not infrequently even though we are online, we don’t want to reply to messages or have conversations with other people. So, hiding this online status is very important.

Sending Larger Files, Photos and Videos

If we use MB WhatsApp the file size can be larger than using regular WhatsApp. If WhatsApp used to limit sending a few MB, then with this application we can send messages with a size of hundreds of MB.

This feature certainly makes it easier to send large files. So we don’t have to use email to send messages so that they arrive faster.

Can Send Messages Without Save Number

Another interesting feature that can only be found on MB WhatsApp is the feature to be able to send messages without having to save a number. This feature is certainly very useful, because sometimes we have to send a message to someone only once. And don’t want to save the number, because it feels like they won’t call the number again.

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How to install MB Whatsapp APK?

1. Tap the downloaded MB Whatsapp APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.