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ML Mod Apk is a moba game developed by moonton, but modified by a third party. So that all users who use this application, it will be easy to face the enemy.

Why is it easy to defeat the enemy? because you get help from the features that have been provided by the developer. So you have superior skills compared to the enemy, even though you don’t actually have skills.

Therefore, anyone who has used the Mobile Legends mod apk can get victory or win easily. The devloper itself will promise it, besides that you can also use it for free.

But everything will have a risk that will be obtained, even more so if you use a mod application. Surely the official devloper will know the cheating that you have used at this time.

But in fact there are still many people who have ignored it, in fact the users are increasing every day. Maybe they have their own way to avoid Moonton’s reach.

Features of ML Mod Apk

  1. Unlock All Heroes

Getting a hero is free, but you have to have patience to get coins. Because the coin itself is one of the easiest items to get, but it takes a very long time to collect.

In fact, each player completing the match only gets a few coins. However, for the price of the hero itself, it is very expensive, when compared to the results of the coin search generated.

So one day is not enough to buy a hero, but ml mod apk is able to unlock all heroes for free. So users no longer need to buy or collect coins to be able to get heroes.

  1. Unlimited Diamonds

Almost all mobile legends players definitely like the unlimited diamond feature, but this feature is only available for ml mod apk. For that, if you want to get this feature, you have to download the application first.

With unlimited diamonds, users can have all skins in mobile legends for free. You also get a chance to try all skins, because the number of diamonds will not decrease in the slightest.

Therefore, everyone really likes this interesting feature, maybe you will like it too. What’s more, the current price of diamond ml is quite expensive, of course everyone thinks before doing a top up.

  1. Anti Banned

The reason is that many say that the developer has added an anti-ban feature to the ml mod apk. The hall is intended, so that all users can be safe again, while using the application they made.

Of course, everyone still doubts the state of the anti-ban feature, especially since the Moonton system is more sophisticated than this application. Surely as great as the cit application is, the existing system will smell it, so that everything seems useless.

If the user still doesn’t trust it, then you can try to create a new account and then use it right away. Please see the results that will be obtained, are they still safe or have been banned by the moonton system.

  1. Map Hack

Knowing the enemy when they are in the base, it seems impossible, especially if the enemy is hiding in the grass. Surely you won’t realize it, this hall sometimes happens to all players.

Even the enemy hides a squad and then attacks suddenly, you will definitely be disappointed. But now you can see the presence of enemies with the map hack feature, but this feature only applies to the ml mod apk.

That way you can now monitor the enemy from a distance, so you no longer need to be afraid if suddenly attacked. You just have to activate the hack map, automatically everything will be visible.

  1. Skills Without Cooldown

Have you ever almost lost against an enemy when the skill is cooldown, surely everyone has experienced it. Moreover, the enemy comes with friends, the hall is very annoying or the enemy does not die.

But now you will be able to defeat enemies easily, because there are features without cooldowns. Where the user is always actively using skills without having to wait, so fighting the enemy will be much easier.

You can even get lots of kills in just one match, when your opponent is gathering. Now you have to dare to go forward, so you can get maniac and savage, because skills are always active.

  1. One Hit Kill

Want to defeat the enemy with one strike? you can try the one hit kill feature in this ml mod apk. Because this feature is able to defeat the enemy just by activating this feature, you can defeat the enemy 1 skill.

Even though the enemy is better than you, if you use this feature, they will stay away. Because you already know, if this feature is really deadly, for the opponent.

Surely everyone will immediately press the sureend button, so the game will finish quickly. Without having to wait long, then you can also go up to the mythich tier in just a few hours.

  1. Unlimited Gold

As we explained, to get coins or gold users can complete missions or play matches. But everything will not be collected quickly, you have to collect it first.

But now there is an unlimited gold feature so you don’t have to worry about getting a lot of coins. You only need to use the ml mod apk, if you really want to get gold without ever running out.

You yourself are free to use gold as you wish, one of which is buying a hero and others. For the gold that you will get, it will not run out, so even if you waste it, it doesn’t decrease.

  1. Unlimited Tickets

Users can get free tickets, just like gold, but to get them is more difficult than gold. The ticket itself functions to buy available free item equipment such as heroes, emblems and others.

So tickets are as important as diamonds and gold, all of these items you will definitely need. What’s more, you have to update the emblem to get to the max level, so you can buy it directly with a ticket.

You don’t need to be afraid the tickets will run out, because we make sure ml mod apk users will get unlimited tickets. So you can buy equipment that can upgrade emblems.

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How to install ML Mod Apk APK?

1. Tap the downloaded ML Mod Apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.