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OG WhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp application made by a third party. This modification application adds a variety of super-sophisticated cool features. What we certainly will not get on the original WhatsApp feature.

The development of this modified WhatsApp is getting better and better. In addition, the security level of the application is also getting improved. So that users don’t have to feel doubt about songs using the modified version of the WhatsApp application. Because the security is very guaranteed.

The OG WhatsApp application has become an application that is widely used by WhatsApp users. The reason is in it many features that are really useful and can help users very well.

Like for example a feature that can send files with a larger size. With this feature we no longer need to send messages using email in a complicated way. We only need the WhatsApp application so files can be sent very easily.

In addition, to send photos also do not have to be sent back and forth. For example, if we have a large number of photos, we can easily send all the photos to other contacts. While we know ourselves, to send photo files in the original WhatsApp application, it is limited to only a few photos. And that’s troublesome.

Features of OG WhatsApp Apk

Reading Deleted Messages

The main feature of this application is that it can read messages that have been deleted by the sender. Of course, you often text with other people. But the message that we haven’t had time to read has been deleted again by the sender. This of course can make us curious.

With OG WhatsApp we will no longer be curious about messages that have been deleted. Because on OG WhatsApp the message cannot be deleted by the sender.

Scheduling Messages

There is also a feature to be able to schedule messages. We can send messages according to the required schedule. This feature is certainly very useful for those who often forget to send messages at certain times. With this feature you can easily schedule messages to be sent.

Set Auto Reply

For business people, of course, replying to messages must be fast so as not to lose their customers. With the message reply feature on OG WhatsApp, we can reply to messages sent by other people quickly. The message can be arranged, so that other people will not wait for our reply.

Hiding Online Status

Status is online can also be removed easily. With this feature other people will not know whether we are online or offline. That way the person won’t feel ignored when they send a message but don’t get a reply.

Hiding Status While Typing

The status of typing can also be removed in OG WhatsApp. With this feature, other people will not know if we are thinking what word to use when we reply to a message.

Remove Blue Tick

The feature to be able to remove the blue tick is also in OG WhatsApp. We usually get a blue tick when the message sent has been read by the person who sent the message.

And the blue tick, can be removed by using OG WhatsApp. So that other people will not know whether the message they sent has been read or not.

Sending More Photos

Another advanced feature that is certainly very useful is the feature to be able to send photo images in larger numbers. We don’t have to go back and forth to send photos in large quantities to WA contacts.

Sending Larger Files

The file size that can be sent via OG WhatsApp can also be larger. If usually we are limited in sending files by WhatsApp, with OG WhatsApp all of that can be overcome,

Many Theme Options

Modified WhatsApp users will always want their application to be changed to make it look better. Because in the original WhatsApp we don’t find a feature to change a good theme. So that the original WhatsApp modifiers provide features so that they can change themes easily.

Creating a 35 Character Group Name

If you use modified WhatsApp, you can only use group names with short characters. Meanwhile, if you use OG WhatsApp, you can even make group names up to 35 characters longer.

Sending a Bigger Video

When making video statuses on WA we can only send video statuses with a very short duration. So if you send a long video status, you have to send it many times in a complicated way.

Without having to be complicated, on OG WA we can send videos with a longer duration. So that we don’t have to send videos repeatedly to be a good WA status.

WA clone

There is also a feature to be able to create two WA accounts in one cellphone. Some cellphones now do support the WA cloning feature. But not all phones can use this feature. So, if you use OG WhatsApp, you can easily use two WAs in one cellphone.

Copy Friend Status

For text status made by our friends, usually it cannot be downloaded by other users. Users can only download status images or videos. And the text can’t be found.

However, with the sophistication of features on OG WhatsApp you can also download friends’ statuses while copying their text status.

Anti Banned

Modified versions of WhatsApp users are often afraid if their WA gets banned. With the anti-banned feature on OG WhatsApp you no longer need to be afraid of getting banned by a WA account.

Send Message Without Save Number

The last is a feature that can send messages to other people without having to save their number. So, their number can be sent directly to us even though it is not stored in contacts. Of course this is more practical and easier when we will send messages.

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How to install OG WhatsApp APK?

1. Tap the downloaded OG WhatsApp APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.