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Simontok is one of the most popular video streaming services in Indonesia. initially Simontok only all sites that can be accessed from a web browser.

However, the Simontok application is now available which can be installed on Android devices and used easily.

The Simontok application is now also available in a mod version. As we know that mod applications are modified applications from third-party developers.

So don’t be surprised if the Simontok mod application has cooler features than the original version of the application. This Simontok mod application comes with various advantages.

Simontok Mod APK Features


The first cool feature that the Simontok Mod application has is the ad-free feature. As we know that in the original version of the Simontok application, there are quite a lot of ads that can be annoying when we watch videos.

Well, in this mod version of the application we can more comfortably watch videos because we will not be disturbed by ads that suddenly appear. So we can be sure we will enjoy it more.

Can Be Used Without VPN

Furthermore, this mod version of the Simontok application can also be used without having to use a VPN first. Of course, we all know that the Simontok application is an illegal application that has been blocked.

So to be able to use it we must first install the VPN application. You don’t have to worry because in this mod version of the application you can immediately use it without the need for a VPN anymore.

Can be used without root

Besides being able to be used without having to install a VPN, this mod version of the Simontok application can also be used directly without having to root the Android device first like using other illegal applications.

Of course, to be able to root requires high skills in terms of Android software, so not everyone can do it. With this feature, we can still use the Simontok application easily.

Video Filters

In the Simontok mod application, a menu menu has also been provided that can be used to filter the videos you want to watch. So we can easily find the content we are looking for.

Not only that, the video collection in the Simontok mod application is also very complete. So you can immediately search and find the content you want to watch very easily.

Choose Video Quality

In addition, this mod version of the Simontok application also provides a feature to select the quality of the video you want to watch, from SD, HD, Full HD, to 4K resolution.

Consequently, if we want to watch videos with high resolution, we must prepare a larger quota. Vice versa. So adjust it to your needs and quota.

Compatible For All Devices

According to the info we have received, the Simontok application is compatible for all Android devices. Some even say this application is also available for iOS.

So for those of you iPhone and iPad users, you can easily install and use this Simontok mod application on your Apple device.

How to Install the Simontok Mod Apk

Still confused about how to install this Simontok mod application? Don’t worry, for those of you who want to know a tutorial on how to install the latest version of the 2022 Simontok application, you can immediately see the following discussion.

  1. First of all, prepare the Simontok Mod APK file. You can download it via the link we have shared above
  2. After you finish downloading the APK file, don’t install it first
  3. You need to enter the Settings menu or Settings on the HP
  4. Select the Privacy and Security menu
  5. After that activate the menu that allows installing APKs from unknown sources
  6. If it’s done, you can return to the File Manager to look for the Simontok APK that was downloaded previously
  7. Click the APK file to start the installation process
  8. Follow the installation process to completion, and the application is ready to use