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Wattpad is an online novel reading application that is currently one of the best ski-reading novels applications on Android or iOS. There are now over 100 million downloads for the app.

This is because this novel reading application is very complete with various titles and book genres that have been provided in the application. In addition, this application can also be used offline even though there are limitations.

Wattpad.com as the developer of the Wattpad application often provides the latest updates to improve performance and the best reading experience for its users. Currently, the latest version of Wattpad is 9.22.0.

For those of you who have already updated to the latest version, but you want to use the old version. So, please download the Old Version of Wattpad via the link we have provided below:

Features of Wattpad Old Version

Actually, the old version of Wattpas or the latest version is not much different in function, but the appearance of the old version is simpler and simpler. You can still read various kinds of stories with different genres that have been written by fellow Wattpad application users.

as we explained earlier, what makes this application more exciting is that you can read novels on your smartphone offline, so you can use this apk as an alternative to other entertainment besides offline games.

For those of you who are curious about the various more interesting features that you will encounter when using this old version of the application, here is a review along with an explanation of these features:

If you want to know other interesting features that you can find on the old version of Wattpad, see the explanation below.

1. Write a Story

First there is the Work feature, where with this feature you can write your own story to share with 100 million other Wattpad application users. This feature has a pencil icon symbol.

The existence of this feature provides an opportunity for you users to become good novel writers by getting millions of reads like other writers who first made their stories in the application.

Apart from that, if you are active in creating interesting stories and attracting other users, you might have a lot of followers on the Wattpad application. And you even have the opportunity to make money if your work is physically published and sold or even made into a film, for example, the well-known Indonesian film, Dear Nathan.

2. Hundreds of Million Stories

Based on data from 2018, currently in the application there are about 400 million stories on the Wattpad Apk. Of course, the choice of stories in this application is very diverse, so you will not run out of material to read in this application.

There are various genres that you can choose from, such as Fanfiction, Historical, Fantasy, Horror, Adventure, Humor to about astral creatures such as Werewolf and Vampire.

That way you can choose a story that fits your individual taste. When you find a story that you like, you will definitely not stop until the story is completely finished and finished.

3. Can Save Stories

Through the Library feature in the Wattpad application, that way you will be able to save any stories that you like to read in the future. there are 200 slots that you can use as a favorite novet storage device.

Apart from that, this Library feature can also function as a reminder of cool novel titles that you have read before, because you have saved them in this feature.

You can also continue reading your novels on Wattpad via various devices, whether it’s a PC, Tablet, Kindle or cellphone. Because you only need to log in on the device that you will use to read.

You can continue reading even though you are not connected to the internet, aka Offline. Of course this also applies to the Old Version of Wattpad that you downloaded earlier.

4. Story Fan Community

When you join the Wattpad application, then you are officially a member of an international story fan. That way you will meet other members of the reader as well as writers.

Besides that, you can also leave a mark on a story that you share by commenting, and you can also share your favorite book on various social media that you have.

One more thing is that you can also read together with your friends by sharing the contents of the Library you have, or you can create a Reading List aka a reading list so that other users can see what you are reading.
The difference between the Old version of Wattpad and the latest version

After you see the various features available above, maybe right now you are wondering, “then what is the difference between the old version of Wattpad and the latest version of Wattpad?”

For those of you who are curious what the differences are, you can observe together the table that we have prepared which of course shows the following differences:

Download links

Wattpad 6.73.0 Wattpad 9.22.0 Wattpad 2016 Wattpad 2017 Wattpad 2018 Wattpad 2019

How to install Wattpad APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Wattpad APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.