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WhatsApp plus apk mod is a modified version of the WhatsApp application. This application is developed by a third party so the application cannot be obtained from the Play Store. WhatsApp Plus was developed by a developer who is already quite well known among WA Mod lovers, namely Fouad Mokdad.

This developer is known to be very capable of modifying WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus Blue is one of them, this application also invites curiosity from various citizens. Moreover, there are more and more WA mod lovers.

This WhatsApp Plus Apk Mod adds very detailed and interesting features. You will not find features like this in the original version of WhatsApp. The privacy settings are also very complete, users can easily remove blue ticks, remove typing status, remove online status and so on.

In terms of appearance, this application also provides features to change the appearance of the application to be more exciting. You can customize the application at will. So, using the WhatsApp application is not as monotonous as it used to be.

If you are interested in downloading the WhatsApp Plus Apk application, you must be diligent in updating the application. So that the applications you use can continue to be used for a long time. With the quality of the application is not reduced.

Features of Whatsapp Plus

Change Theme as You Like

If you feel bored with the look of the original WhatsApp that seems monotonous. You can use WhatsApp Plus which has a feature to change themes easily and of course it’s free. Changing this theme will certainly make you more comfortable using applications that suit your preferences.

The basic appearance of WhatsApp can be changed with this theme feature. There are also a lot of choices for the chosen theme, so you can customize it to the theme that interests you. There are so many themes that can be used, so you can be confused about choosing a theme because of the many available themes.

Free Emojis and Stickers Available

In WhatsApp plus there are also various emojis and stickers that can be used for chatting. The emojis and stickers are many and varied.

By using emojis and stickers, of course, conversations with friends become more exciting and more fun. You can also send funny emojis so that group conversations can come alive.

Stickers can also be directly selected, you don’t need to collect stickers from friends or download them. Because everything is already available on WhatsApp Plus Apk.

Download Stories Directly

Usually if you want to download a friend’s story in contact, you have to download a third-party application. This method is very inconvenient, because we have to add applications that can cause our phone memory to be full. After all, many applications are installed on the phone, very annoying.

So, WhatsApp Plus can be a solution for those of you who don’t want to download new applications to save friends’ status in WA. There is a download button that can be used directly to download a friend’s story easily. Cool isn’t it?

More Group Members

If using the original WhatsApp, the number of contacts in the group is limited. So we can only add as many as 250 contacts in one group. Of course creating another group to add contacts that can’t be included is very inefficient and quite a hassle.

For that, you can use WhatsApp Plus apk which can create groups by adding contacts up to 1000 contacts. You can easily include your contact friends into a group without having to sort them out.

Sending Larger Files

It is no longer a secret that WhatsApp users must be patient with the quality of photos and videos sent via WhatsApp. The reason is, WhatsApp limits the server capacity provided. So that the photos and videos that are sent are smaller in size.

Photos and videos sent via WhatsApp will be compressed to 16 MB. Many users are dissatisfied with the features provided by this original WhatsApp developer. Because after all, users definitely need good quality photos and videos.

However, if you use WhatsApp Plus apk, you can send files with a size of 50 MB. So the size of the file that is sent can be maximized. So sending files can be more convenient.

Many Choices of Fonts Available

There are also writing options that you can use on WhatsApp Plus. This font can be used to update stories, so the writing can be different from the others. You can also use unique and cool fonts to send messages, so you don’t have to use graffiti anymore to create text messages or stories with different writing from the others.

Auto Reply Message

There is also an automatic reply message feature. This feature is also owned by WhatsApp, but WhatsApp is the business that provides this feature.

Not everyone likes the WhatsApp business application, so there are still many people who sell using the original WhatsApp. For those of you who like to sell and don’t have time to reply to customer messages, you can use the automatic message reply feature with this WhatsApp Plus Apk application.

Your customers don’t have to wait for a reply to a message again. They can know that later you will reply to their message, so the customer will not run away because the message is not replied to.

Read Deleted Messages

The next feature is the feature to be able to read messages that have been deleted. This feature is really a lifesaver for everyone who uses the original WhatsApp. The reason is, in the original WhatsApp we can delete messages that have not been read, so that the person sent the message must be curious about its contents.

For the sender of the message, this is very beneficial. But not for the recipient of the message. Well, so that you are not made curious about it anymore. We recommend that you immediately install this WhatsApp Plus Apk. Because in it there is a feature so that we can read messages that have been deleted.

Remove Status Is Online

When you don’t want to be contacted by other people, you can also remove your online status. So other people will not know where you are. Are you open WhatsApp or not.

In WhatsApp, this online status informs that the user is currently on the internet, and is opening WhatsApp. So other people can easily contact you, if they know you are online.

Home Screen Customization

You can also adjust the main screen display by using this WhatsApp Plus Apk. The main screen section can be easily edited using this feature. Several tools can be used to change the header section, chat bubbles, notifications and so on.

This will make your WA look even more exciting. Because the original WA itself does not provide features like this. So, don’t miss trying this cool feature.

Eliminate Typing Status

Every time we reply to a message, the person we send a message to will see the status we are typing. We can remove that feature by using this WhatsApp Plus Apk mod. Other people will not know that we are replying to their messages. So, they also won’t know how long we think when we want to reply to a message.

Longer Text Status Characters

Original WhatsApp users must have known that when writing text statuses, the letters that can be used are very limited. In fact, some people need to make a long status. For example, when going to make an announcement or promotion.

However, by using WhatsApp Plus Apk Mod, you can make the text status even longer. So, the use of WA can be a mainstay if it is like this.

Longer Video Upload Duration

When we upload a video status, it also has a fairly short duration, which is only 30 seconds. So, it is not uncommon when uploading long videos that have to be separated, the videos are out of sync.

You can solve this by using WhatsApp Plus Apk. Because there is a feature to be able to upload longer videos, which is up to 7 minutes in one upload. Cool isn’t it. So your video will not be cut into pieces again during status updates.

Clear Image Sent

Because the size of the file that can be sent is larger using WhatsApp Plus, the size of the image sent is also clearer. The quality of the transmitted image will not be compressed. So, it will be the same size as the image on the sender’s phone.

Messaging Settings

In this feature you can schedule messages to be sent. This feature is of course very useful if you have an assignment that must be sent at a certain hour, so that the task will not be late.

Anti Banned

WhatsApp Plus Apk is also equipped with an anti-ban feature with pretty good quality. The protection provided by the developer to its users is unquestionable. Because this feature is also not playing with the WhatsApp Plus application.

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How to install WhatsApp Plus APK?

1. Tap the downloaded WhatsApp Plus APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.