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YouTube Biru is a Youtube application that has been modified by a third-party developer by adding various scripts so that the application has different features from the original application.

This Blue YouTube mod application is also known as YouTube 18+. For some reason it can be known by that name, maybe it also contains content that smells of 18+.

Besides, the Blue YouTube application is also specially designed to be free of ads. So users can be more comfortable and enjoy when using this application because they don’t need to be bothered anymore with ads that suddenly appear.

Features of Blue YouTube App

No Ads

The first feature as well as the mainstay feature of the Blue YouTube application is the ad-free feature. This feature is usually only available on the paid YouTube Premium app.

In this Blue YouTube application, we don’t need to pay a YouTube Premium subscription fee because the ad-free features can be enjoyed for free. So users can more comfortably watch videos without fear of being disturbed by advertisements.
Play in Background

Apart from being ad-free, this Blue YouTube app also has features that can only be found on YouTube Premium. The feature we mean is none other than the feature to play videos in the background.

With this feature, we can play videos while running other applications without fear of stopping the video. So we can still enjoy entertainment while still being productive at getting work done.

HDR mode

As we all know that in the YouTube application we can set the quality of the video we want to watch from 140p to very sharp 4K quality.

Well, in this Blue YouTube application we can also set the quality of the video we watch to HDR mode so that the image can look clearer, sharper, and pleasing to the eye.

Very Complete Content

In this Blue YouTube application you can find all kinds of content that can be watched on YouTube. Even some of the content in it is not on the original YouTube.

So it can be said that the content in the Blue YouTube application is more complete than ordinary YouTube. It is suitable for those of you who like to spend time watching videos.

Zoom In Video

In addition, the Blue YouTube application also has a feature that has attracted the attention of many users, namely the zoom in video feature. From the name alone, we certainly already know that this feature allows users to zoom videos.

So for example there is interesting content and we want to enlarge it, just using two fingers is like increasing the size of an existing photo on a cellphone. Very simple and attractive.

Watch Later

This Blue YouTube app also has an interesting feature called watch later. This feature allows users to save videos that can then be watched at a later time.

What makes it cool is that this watch later feature can be enjoyed offline. So we just have to choose the video we want to watch later, then we can watch the video at a later time even without an internet connection.

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How to install YouTube Biru APK?

1. Tap the downloaded YouTube Biru APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.