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YoWhatsApp apk was developed by a very well-known developer in the field of WhatsApp modification, namely Fouad Mods. The app is always cool and never fails. So if WA mod users have seen the name of the developer, they would have no doubts about installing the application.

YoWhatsApp is equipped with a lot of advanced features that you must try. At least you should try it once while using WhatsApp. If you are afraid of getting banned, use a backup WA number so that the main WhatsApp number you use remains safe.

We are sure, as long as you use the YoWhatsApp application, you will definitely feel very impressed with the features in it. Because the features are needed by many WhatsApp users.

YoWhatsApp Apk Features

Sending Larger Files

If you use YoWhatsApp, sending files can be up to hundreds of MB in size. So that sending files via WhatsApp is easier. We no longer have to send files many times, or send them via email because the files are too heavy. With YoWA sending files is simpler.

Wide Choice of Themes

There are various choices of themes that can be used to change the appearance of WA to be more attractive. The choice of themes available is very diverse and you can choose it for free. You can even change the theme every day, so the WA you use is different from someone else’s.

Send Photos and Videos in HD Size

The size of photos and videos sent using WA is usually compressed. So that the size of the photo or video received will be smaller and the photo looks blurry. However, with YoWhatsApp we receive photos in their original size as in the sender’s phone. So photos and videos can look clearer when enlarged.

Emoji Options Available

YoWhatsApp also provides emojis that can be used directly without having to download them first. By using emoji, we can send messages that are more expressive and interesting.

Can Dual Accounts

The application also provides a feature to create more than one account. We can use two accounts in one phone. Which account can be used by two numbers at once. So, you can use this number for family matters and business matters.

Longer Story

Another feature is the longer story duration. Usually in original WA, when sending stories in the form of videos, the duration is only 30 seconds. So long videos have to be cut into pieces. And usually, out of sync when trimming the video.

However, with YoWhatsApp the duration of the video can be up to 5 minutes long. So videos don’t have to be cut a lot when creating stories.

Newer Look

YoWhatsApp offers a newer look of WhatsApp. We can change the appearance of WA as desired. We can even change the message bubble, so that the front display becomes unusual.

There is Airplane Mode

There is also a dedicated airplane mode for the app. If you usually use the airplane mode brought by the phone settings, we will turn off all data on the cellphone. However, if you use this feature in the application, you can turn off data for the YoWhatsApp application only.

So when we don’t want to be disturbed by incoming WA messages or incoming phone calls. We can activate this airplane mode, but we can still watch Youtube with quota.

Lock Apps

For application security, you can lock it so that it is not opened by others. This feature does not exist in the original WA, if you want to lock it you have to use a third-party application.

Viewing Deleted Messages

Of course with YoWhatsApp you can see messages that have been deleted by the sender. You will no longer be curious about messages deleted by the sender. Because in YoWhatsApp the message can still be read without anything being lost.

Hiding Status While Typing

Status is typing can also be removed easily. You can make settings to remove the typing status. Original WA users will definitely feel surprised because they don’t see the status when chatting with you.

Remove Blue Tick

In addition, the blue tick that indicates the message has been read can also be removed. So that people who send messages to us will not know that the messages they sent have been read. That way, they won’t be disappointed when we take a long time to reply to the message.

Remove Status Is Online

Don’t miss the feature to remove the online status. This feature is also no less useful and much needed by many people. Because this feature can hide your presence on WhatsApp. Other people won’t contact you because you don’t appear to be online.

No Root

Applications can also be installed without having to root the phone. Usually, for applications that are obtained from outside the Play Store, you have to root your phone first, but using the YoWhatsApp apk is different. Apps

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How to install YoWhatsApp APK?

1. Tap the downloaded YoWhatsApp APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.